Pharaoh Ramses II

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Important Events and Ideas

  • Pharaho Ramses was the 3rd pharaho of Egypt and he ruled in the 19th century(1279-1212 B.C)
  • He became pharaho at age 20 and ruled for 67 years.
  • He was born in 1304 B.C, his father was Seti I aka the fomer Pharaoh and his mother was Tuya.

"Did you know..." Factoids

  • Ramses served as a co-regent, or co-ruled, with his father while he was still young.
  • He died in 1212 B.C.
  • He was very strong in battle.

"I wonder...." Questions

  • Was Pharaoh Ramses ever married?
Yes! Pharaho Ramses had many wifes. His "favorite" wife was Nefertari.
  • Did Pharaho Ramses have any kids?
Yes! It was discovered that he had about 100 kids with all of his wifes!!!
  • How did Pharaho Ramses die?
Ramesses was suffering from severe dental problems and was plagued by arthritis and hardening of the arteries.

What I think about this person

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  • Ramses father-Pharaoh Ramses II father was very important in his life because if his father hadn't of been Pharaoh then maby Ramses II hadn't of become Pharaoh,
  • His 1st (Favorite) wife- His first wife was important because if he hadn't had any kids then there might of not been any people to take his place as a Pharaoh when he died.
  • Ramse III- Ramse III was connected to Ramses II because he use spme of Ramse II ideas when he became the Pharaoh.