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isolated communities
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www.nps.gov/.../ images/pika_on_rock.jpg joey
a settlement seperated by physical features.
Greece is an isolated community.
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a settlement in a place.
Jamestown was a colony.
external image viking-settlement.jpgjoey settlement
a small communitie
britain made a settlement
shelterexternal image shelter.jpgjoey
a place that provides protection
we built shelters
colonist joey
external image colonist.png
A person who lives in a colony.
The first Americans were colonists.
oracle (not a bone)external image oricle-w.jpgjoey
A person considered to be of wise counsel.
I am not really sure what an oracle is.
merchantexternal image Pelt_Merchant_of_Cairo.jpg joey
A person who makes money by selling goods.
People that work at Target can be considered merchants.
city-stateexternal image athens.jpg
An early city that was like a small, independent country.
Mesopotamia was a City State.
monarchyexternal image 600px-World_Monarchies.png
civilazations in present day time still have kings or queens. nick
canada is an onarchary. nick
oligarchyexternal image oligarchy.jpg
a form of government wich a few people have power. nick
our government is not an oligarchy. nick
tyrannyexternal image tyranny.JPG
a government that is in the hands of one lawful king. nick
i do not like tyrants. nick
external image democracy2.gif nick
the freedom to elect our own dictators. nick
our government is a democracy. nick
monarchr215958_839932.jpg nick
a county that has a king. nick
canada has a queen. nick

a member of the most powerful class in ancient greek socioty. nick
i would be lucky to be a arstocrat back then. nick
oligarchyoligarky.jpg nick
a government that a few people have power. nick
an oligarchy is a powerful group. nick
tyrant external image King_John.jpg

a lawful ruler. nick
tyrants are mean. nick
assemblyexternal image Assembly.JPG nick
a gathering that people can join in to explain issues. nick
derby has assemblys. nick
Peloponnesus external image PeloponnesusCities.gif nick
the peninsula that forms southern mainland of greece. nick
greece has a peninsula like michagain. nick
a marketplace in ancient greece. nick
the agora has a varioty of different goods. nick
priestessexternal image high-priestess.jpg
a female priest. nick
a pristess has the same amount of athourity they earned as a
priest. nick